Droopy McCool
Andy is a musician, so he had to be a member of a Star Wars band.
Anne's naturally the slave girl that dances in Jabba's court so she can be with her hubby, Jabba The Sinnett.
Qui-Gon Jinn
In both the IDL and Majors, Aubrey found immediate success before being cut down quickly in the postseason and left to wander as a ghost of his former self.
General Grievous
Bob is one of the league's grizzled war veterans. Sure, he might have a bit of a cough, but don't let that fool you as he can hang with the best of the young ones.
Brent could have been a Jawa or a member of the Trade Federation because he ABT - Always Be Tradin'. Jawa's seemed cooler than the Trade Federation guys.
Gamorrean Guard
Bryan got to be the Gamorrean Guard because, well, he would've made me a fat disgusting character if he'd gotten the chance first.

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