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Welcome to Diamond Mind Baseball
What's new and different
User Interface Tips
Selecting Multiple Items in a List
Popup Menus
Tutorials Overview
Basic Tutorial
Setting Up
Game Options
Color and Text
The Game Screen
The Game Screen
The Scoreboard
The Diamond
The Benches
The Boxscore, Scoresheet, and Game log Tabs
Sample Boxscore
Sample Scoresheet
Sample Game log
Playing the Game
Defensive Tactics
Offensive Tactics
When the Game is Over
Saving Game Data
Advanced Tutorial
Advanced Tutorial Setup
Game Day
Scheduled Games
Play Options
Setting the Lineup
Lineup Overview
Starting Pitchers
Batting Order
Setting Up a League
League Setup Overview
Your Primary Tool
Common Scenarios
General Rules
Preparing the Database
Your First Database Decision
Starting with an Existing Database
Starting with a New Database
Gathering the Components
Introducing the Components
Assembling Eras
Assembling Teams
Assembling Parks
Assembling Players
Putting It All Together
The Big Picture
Creating a League
Creating an Organization
Assigning Teams
Assigning Players
Generating a Manager Profile
Creating a Schedule
Managing DMB Databases
What is a Database?
Converting Databases
Creating a New Database
Changing the Active Database
Copying a Database
Adding a Reference to an Existing Database
Removing a Reference to an Existing Database
Installing a Season Disk
Migrating a Database
Backing Up Your Data
Restoring Your Data
Organizer Overview
Teams: Overview
Creating a New Team
Importing Teams
Parks: Overview
Parks: General Information
Parks: Physical Characteristics
Parks: Image Files
Parks: Weather Patterns
Parks: Statistical Factors
Creating a New Park
Importing Parks
Overview of Players
Players: General Information
Players: Player UID
Players: Real-life Statistics
Players: DMB Statistics
Players: Ratings Overview
Players: Offensive Ratings
Players: Defensive Ratings
Players: Pitching Ratings
Players: Pitcher Profile
Players: Injury Ratings
Players: Injury and Usage Info
Creating a New Player
Modifying a Player
Importing Players
Player Profiles
Overview of Leagues
Leagues: General Information
Leagues: League Teams
Leagues: Rules and Options
Leagues: Playing Time Limits
Leagues: Post-Season Information
Creating a New League
Overview of Organizations
Organizations: General Information
Organizations: Rules and Options
Organizations: Playing Time Limits
Organizations: Post-Season Information
Creating a New Organization
Overview of Eras
Eras: General Information
Eras: Rates
Creating a New Era
Importing Eras
Overview of Schedules
Creating a New Schedule
Schedule Editing
Adding Games
Copying Games
Scheduling Tools
Generating Regular-season Schedules
Generating Post-season Schedules
Schedule Templates
Importing and Exporting Schedules
Editing Game Results
Drafting: Overview
Draft Preparation
Creating a Draft
Draft Window
Setting the Draft Order
Working with Draft Picks
Manual Picks
Computer Picks
Drafting and Manager Profiles
Resuming a Draft
Deleting a Draft
Overview of Notes
Editing Transactions and Injuries
Editing Transactions
Editing Injury Reports
Rosters and Manager Profiles
Roster/MP Window: Overview
Manager Profiles
What is a Manager Profile?
Pitching Chart
Saved Lineups
Depth Charts
Playing time limits
Manager Tendencies
Player Tendencies
Roster / manager profile window
Roster Management
Pitching chart page
Saved lineups page
Depth charts page
Manager tendencies page
Player tendencies page
Manager Profile Report
Manager profile generator
Playing Games
Playing Games: Overview
Exhibition Game Options
Managers: Human or Computer
Game view preferences
Modify Weather
Playing Scheduled Games
Scheduled game window
Starting scheduled games
Scheduled game options
Special Events
Starting Lineups and Substitutions
Overview of Lineup Selection
Lineup Selection: Window Layout and Tools
Lineup Selection: Using Real-life Lineups
Lineup Selection: Choosing Starting Pitchers
Lineup Selection: Choosing Starting Lineups
Lineup Selection: Loading Saved Lineups
Lineup Selection Making Substitutions During a Game
During the Game
Game Window
Pitching Tactics
Defensive Tactics
Offensive Tactics
Baserunning Decisions
Warmups and Substitutions
Other Options
Saving a game in progress
Resuming a saved game
NetPlay Overview
Preparing to Host a NetPlay Session
Finding Your IP Address
Opening a Port
The NetPlay Control Panel
NetPlay Options
Connecting to the Host
Chatting Before or After a Game
Starting a Game
Choosing Starting Pitchers and Lineups
Playing a Game
Quick Play
Chatting During a Game
Abandoning a Game
When a Game is Over
If the Connection is Dropped
Overview of Reports
Generating Reports
Displaying Reports on the Screen
Printing Reports
Saving Reports to a File
Custom Reports
Adding a New Column
Memorized Reports
HTML formatting
Report Options
Report Options Overview
Batting Register Report Options
Report Groups
Report Groups Overview
Two Ways to Use Report Groups
Generating a report group
Creating and Modifying a Report Group
Adding a Report to a Report Group
Generating a web site
Overview of Web Site Generation
Generating a web site
Transfers: Overview
Setting up the League
Exporting a League Database
Installing a League Database
Creating a League Database
Exporting Statistics
Importing Statistics
Rebuilding Database Indexes
Updating Streaks and Usages
Restarting a Season
Resetting player usage
Trading Players
Releasing Players
Deleting team-specific player records
Generating Manager Profiles
Important Concepts
Bullpen Warmup Rule
Catcher fatigue
Clutch and Jam Ratings
Player Status Codes
Playing out of postion
Reading the Scoresheet
Reading the Game log
Real-life Transactions and Lineups
Sacrifice Fly Rules
Weather System
Uninstalling Diamond Mind Baseball

Diamond Mind Baseball version 10

We have tried to create a help system that will provide you with everything you need to get the most out of DMB, including introductory tutorials, detailed information about every window and menu command in the game, a glossary of terms (including statistics and their abbreviations), and essays on some of the more advanced capabilities of the game.

If the information in this help file does not answer your questions, we invite you to seek additional help in the following ways:

  • visit our web site (www.diamond-mind.com) for answers to frequently asked questions, free downloads, and other helpful information.

  • start a discussion or ask a question on the Diamond Mind Baseball Forums.

  • send your questions via email to dmb_support@imaginesports.com

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